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Introduction + Team Bios (Come and get to know us!)

NOTE: To We've moved around the introduction post and rules to make it easier to understand how to apply. Thus, we've created a separate page for the introduction and added the team's bios to introduce the comm to the team ^_^

Hello and Welcome to Mirai_no_iro!
We're actually the former team of sora_takaku and we've decided to make comeback into the subbing world! We're sorry to say but former members of sora_takaku will still need to re-apply for membership. We're making a fresh start.

A short introduction of Mirai_no_iro: T
his is another English Arashi media community made of fans for fellow fans. We only provide hardsubbed videos, no soft subs. As much as we would want to, we do not guarantee regular posts as we are all either working already, or are students. We do not sub a particular series (maybe occasionally), but whatever we feel like. Therefore, you will pretty much find a mixture of everything so we hope that you will like what you'll find here! Your opinion counts in the community, so please participate by dropping comments and providing us with your feedback, you know we love both! xD This way you can help us provide you with better subs better and encourage us to sub more! Comments and/or feedback can of course be left in the appropriate post, but if you prefer email, you can contact us at You can find this in the sidebar too =) Also, in an effort to involve the community with team decisions, we are going to open a requests page so please look forward to that too! ^-^
And that's about it! Yoroshiku ne!
Together, let's paint our tomorrow with the colors of Arashi~ ^_^

Username: totoro
Name: Giovanna
Nickname: Gio
Birthday: Once a year (lately considering a once every two years b’day)
Country: ItaliaLand
Position: timer/typesetter/karaoke
Years as Arashian: since December 2009
Ichiban: Sho-chan <3 <3 <3 (and a veeeery close Nino)
Favorite pairing: I don’t really.. just kidding! SakurAiba!!!! <3 <3 <3
Fav song: Di-Li-Li, Truth, and a very recent Kono Mama Motto (Sho-chan’s telling me that he loves me!! kyaa~) Fav drama: The Quiz Show Golden (Sho-chan and Yoko.. together.. *dies*)
Blurb: a proud member of the ST Squad (aka crazy people who stay awake for days just for Arashi’s sake..or just for the sake of weird, crazy and hentai chat sessions! And it’s not en euphemism..none of it..) My biggest dream is to go live in Japan but I'm currently living in a house with a ghost! I was pulled into the fanfic world by someone whose name should be kept under secret. And I’m so grateful at Arashi for so many reasons that I wouldn’t even know where to start from. <3</span>

Username: arashilovezs
Name: Hannah
Birthday: June 1st
Position: editor/timer/typesetter/encoder
Years as Arashian: Hm.. about 2+ years? Since early 2009. Still relatively young haha xD
Ichiban: Was super undecided with this but Sho-chan came out top! With Nino a close second :P
Favorite pairing: Not exactly pairing.. ShoxNinoxAiba is always love which includes all the pairing with the 2 of them, Sakuraiba, Sakumiya, Aimiya ♥♥
Fav song: I can't decide!! My first PV was Kitto Daijoubu and its one of my fav songs. 5x10 is a given because it shows that Arashi is perfection when they come together ♥
Fav drama: Hohoho.. I've watched sooo many.. If it's the ones with Arashi in it.. HanaDan! xD And TQS2 cause Sho-chan is BEYOND hotness xD Blurb: Currently in Uni so I'm mostly sleep-deprived xD Arashi is the soft, comfy couch I come back to and I try to make time for the boys no matter how crazy my life is. Yappari, getting to know Arashi has changed my life. I'm currently studying Japanese and taking Economics (I don't know how you do it Sho-chan!! TT^TT) As much as they sang 5x10 for us, I want to take it all and give it back to them because they've given us so so much ♥

Username: corlee1289
Name: Corrine
Nickname: Corr-chan or Corrine-chan
Birthday: November 29th
Country: Canada
Position(s): Editor, Encoder, Uploader
Years as an Arashian: Since March 2005
Ichiban: Sho (but I heavily adore Ohno and Jun as well)
Favorite Pairing/OTP: Sakuraiba & Ohmiya
Favorite Song: Oooh... This one is a hard one. It depends primarily on my mood, but the songs that I listen to a lot are: サクラ咲ケ, Love so Sweet, One Love, Truth, 5x10, マイガール, 時計じかけのアンブレラ, Troublemaker, Monster, Lotus, and 迷宮ラブソング
Favorite Drama: Hands down with it being the「花より男子」series and movie
Blurb: Oh dear you're asking for a blurb?! Well, I got Jun baited into the fandom after watching Jun's drama 「花より男子」 and got hooked into their music by 「サクラ咲ケ」I'm fairly active in many of the Arashi fansubbing communities that are out there and I've even created a community myself where I post my shop photo scans as well as my VSA episodes that I've subbed myself.

Username: eirwen555
Name: Cindy
Nickname: Eirwen, Cindy, and variations thereof
Birthday: May 23, 1990 C
Position(s): Translator
Years as an Arashian: Since 2009
Ichiban: Aiba
Favorite Pairing/OTP: Sakuraiba and JunMa
Favorite Song: Huh, this is a hard one... Probably 5x10, 明日の記憶,アオゾラペダル,どこでもある唄,ふるさと,Magical Song, Monster, Truth... Hey, I said this is is hard one!
Favorite Drama: My Girl and TQS.
Blurb: A blurb? Well then, since I'm procrastinating anyway: こんにゃにゃちは〜 Hello there, this is Eirwen, your resident Golden Age juniors fanatic and translator mostly responsible for 8 ji da J (though I do other projects as well). I actually entered the fandom through becoming a fan of Toma after watching Hana Kimi, and when I started to watch old shows he appeared in (8J, Ai Love Jr., MJ, Shokura, etc.), I fell hopelessly in love with the Golden Age juniors--mainly people who long since left the jimusho like Kohara Yuki (<3<3<3), though it also opened my eyes to the MAN of MAIN, and consequently Arashi. And what can I say? Aiba's baka experiments totally won me over to the point where Toma and Aiba now share the position of my JE ichibans (there are signs that it's now becoming a three-way tie with the addition of Kazama Shunsuke, but that's another story altogether). Anyway, よろしくね、みんな!

Username: gaiiterz
Name: Margarita
Nickname: gaita
Birthday: August 18
Country: Philippines!
Position(s): Typesetter!!
Years as an Arashian: 8 years!
Favorite Pairing/OTP: SakurAiba!!
Blurb: hmm, i have to read other people's "blurb" to actually get it. /fail. haha!! well, to start, im really glad to be part of this team! everybody is so nice and friendly! i kept on saying arashi keeps me sane, but i was wrong.. Arashi is the reason why i am crazy and insane. hahahahahaha! i never cared about it before but now i am extreme particular with the colors of the things i buy.. especially when it comes to buying random things like plates, mugs even door mats. i always ask for sho's color. if not available, i'd buy the other member's colors.. if again none is available.. I'll buy somewhere else! hahahaha!! because of that i get to be called crazy alot of times. I just smile and walk away like a boss. hahahaha!! 

Username: Ilovethestorm
Name: Kate
Birthday: 29.05.1989
Country: Germany
Position(s): timer, karaoke
Years as an Arashian: since summer 2008...
Ichiban: There we go again...the ichiban question...I always had problems to answer that question...and after years of thinking I can proudly say that I've found one: My ichiban is AiMoto! *nods* You know, I love the way Aiba smiles..but then comes Jun and looks at you with his piercing brown eyes...and then suddenly Aiba stars in a drama, which makes him wear a wonderful Bartender outfit and he shakes the shaker in such an arousing way...but then you see Jun shaking his hips in one of their concerts so that you brain becomes jelly and then Aiba...(I think you get my point^^)
Favourite Pairing: Of course I stick to my ichiban - AiMoto <3
Favourite Song: To be free
Favourite Drama: My girl
Blurb: Um...I've never written a blurb before...LOL I can proudly announce that I'm a member of a wonderful group that has been put together by their endless love for those five adorable sparkling boys... Every day we all put our life (and the life of our friends and family) on line in order to provide the fandom with wonderfully subbed videos^^ I also can announce that I belong to the ST squad and that I have no idea about weird chat sessions...I'd call them interesting...yes, that's the right word *nods nods* I also love to write and read fanfictions and I'm glad that I have found my writing buddy in our amazing Gio...whoever pulled that girl into fanfic world, I thank him/her from the bottom of my heart 

Username: matsujunlover1
Name: Jenn
Nickname: Jenni/Jenn
Birthday: Nov 24th
Country: America
Position(s): translator
Years as an Arashian: since summer of 2009
Ichiban: Jun!~
Favorite Pairing/OTP: Ohmiya/Sakuraiba
Fave song: omg that's so hard but I really love Truth and 5x10
Fave drama: Hana Yori Dango <3
Blurb: I got jun-baited into Arashi through Hanadan and they have been my life ever since. I'm an insane fangirl and I will NEVER regret it. I also love anything British (Harry Potter) and I love Broadway.

Username: Michicha
Name: Michele
A.K.A: Mimi
Birthday: 22/06/some year
Country: Brazil
Occupation: a very stressing job! Believe me, you wouldn't want to know!
Position: timer/encoder/uploader
Years as an Arashian: since July 2008
Ichiban: the Tsuribaka forever!!!! <3 <3
Favorite pairing/OTP: Ohmiya <3
Favorite song: Truth (because it's super hot and Oh-chan's voice kills me everytime!!!!)
Favorite drama: That's a tough one!! I'm torn between Hanadan and Maou!!! Doushiyou???
Blurb: I feel like I really need to thank Arashi for bringing so much happiness to my life!! They were the relief when my life got tough and the easy laughter in those days I had nothing to do or to worry about! But, in addition to everything they taught me along the way, they also brought me very special things, which were the good friends I came to know!! I keep telling myself that it's amazing how they can bring together so many amazing people from different countries, cultures and time zones!!! Sugoi desu ne!!! O.O And now this is my family!!! Love you all Mirai girls!! <3 <3 <3

Name: Rika
Birthday: 9 November (I'll refrain from giving the year as it's too shocking to you guys!! he he he)
Country: Japan / Singapore
Position: Translator
Years as Arashian: Since 2003
Ichiban: Jun kun... but can't stop looking at Nino nowadays ♥...
Favorite pairing: Jun & Nino.
Fav song: Super Fresh, Yes-No, 5x10
Fav drama: Kimi wa Pet
Blurb: I seldom post about myself mostly because I don't know what to write...But just wanted to say I'm very happy being a member and enjoy working as a translator here. I'm a working-adult in RL and fly up & down between Singapore and Japan so I can't take up works at times but I try to whenever I can, cos it's really fun! Why I joined subbing team was that I came across inaccurately-translated videos of Arashi in the past which I was so frustrated that the real 'funniness' or 'sharpness' of them weren't properly translated. Like, 'Nooo! What Nino just said doesn't mean so!!' kind of thing, especially his cynical remarks and such... but now I'm pretty impressed with the Arashian-girls' Japanese knowledge!! Honto ni sugoi yo!!

Username: Sho-tan
Birthday: July 11
Country: United States
Position(s): Translator
Year as an Arashian: I think from the spring of 2010...
Ichiban: SHO-CHAN~!! <3
Favorite Pairing/OTP: Anything that involves Sho-chan
Fav Song: AHHH!! Can't decide >.<... Believe....Kienu Omoi....Kono Mama Motto...I don't know... I love a lot of things.. Fav Drama: The Quiz Show 2 and Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de KYAAHHH~
Blurb: I have weird and crazy school friends. I'm friendly. I sometimes swim. I'm pretty organized. Trying to clear more GB for Sho-chan's new drama... Is wayyyy too biased. Trying to balance life. Desiring to go to Japan- I wrote that for an essay of where do you want to visit. Loves Arashi -of course- and very grateful that I found this team and I'm in the fandom. Procrastinating on homework atm, like always Yoroshiku minna~ ^__^

Username: tuski_no_hime
Name: violet
Nickname: vi/vi-chan/hime-chan/v-chan/sumirehime/sumire
[i go by many & you can call me by these or make one up for your very own! *^^*
Birthday: i'm just as old as arashi ... let's leave it at that!
Country: United States of America
Position(s): Editor [though i wish i could do more]
Years as an Arashian: wow about 8yrs
Ichiban: Jun-kun ♥
Favorite Pairing/OTP: all five! XD
Blurb: I absolutely love being a part of this comm and this fandom! let's keep the arashi pride alive ne! ♥

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Introduction + Team Bios (Come and get to know us!)

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